The Amiga Montessori method of early learning is an internationally renowned and awarded structured learning model proven* to give children under five an advantage in reading, maths, english, creative writing, social skills, academic skills and the ability to problem solve and adapt.

At the heart of the AMIGA Montessori method is the fact that children learn best when they drive their learning experience through their own interests and passions, at their own pace, and when their imagination is able to thrive without clutter and overload. In fact, our centres use all natural products and are free of unnecessary clutter, plastic and commercialised toys.

AMIGA Montessori sets itself apart from other child care service providers in that it offers a structured learning platform to stimulate and nurture young minds. The proven and acclaimed Montessori philosophy and system, is delivered under a structured curriculum including practical life skills, sensorial experiences, mathematics, language including reading and writing, cultures and sciences.

The scientifically based Montessori method was developed by Dr Maria Montessori, a graduate of the University of Rome in 1890, becoming the first woman to enter medical school in Italy. With the theme of Education and Peace, Dr Montessori ultimately received her nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1949. Our highly skilled team of teachers and centre staff are trained to deliver the highest quality Montessori education for your child, in an engaging, safe and stimulating environment.

When you visit one of our centres you will immediately see the difference in our learning model. We encourage families and children to see our centres for themselves and welcome centre tours. If the scientific research doesn’t convince you, experience it for yourself.

Open 50 weeks of the year from 7am to 6pm Monday to Friday.

A Government funded kindergarten program. Child Care Subsidy available at approved Centre’s.



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  • 91% of children read better by age 6
  • Maths scores better in 5 year olds
  • English skills more advanced by age 5
  • Creative essay writing more advanced
  • Proven ability to empathise
  • Better in ‘executional function’
    - the ability to problem solve & adapt
  • Better social & academic skills

*Sources: Montessori Science Journal Volume 3131, 29 September 2006 and Dissertation, Union Institute and University.